30-Day Warranty

All of our Nike Accounts come with a 30-Day Replacement/Re-verifcation Warranty. If your accounts were to come unverified or you were unable to log in due to a failure on VultureAccounts behalf within the 30 days after purchase, you are entitled to receive a replacement for the failed accounts. Please note that this is very unlikely to happen as we use real SIM numbers, proxies and cookies when generating our accounts.
You do not need to claim, enroll or activate this warranty as you are automatically covered after purchase.
30-Day Re-verifcation Warranty
If you VultureAccounts require re-verification within 30 days of purchase due to a fault of our own, you are entilted to received semi/full re-verification of your accounts.
If you do require re-verification, you will keep the same accounts (login, address, payment information), however, there may be a different phone number on each account.
30-Day Replacement Warranty
If your VultureAccounts cannot be re-verifed, or it is un-economical to do so, your accounts will be semi/fully replaced depending on the scenario and liability.
If your accounts require replacement, you will receive completely new accounts. This means that there will be different login information and a different phone number asscociated with the account. You will also need to re-input your address and payment information.
When are you liable to cover?
You are liable to be covered by our 30-Day Warranty if:
- The damage of the accounts is at fault of VultureAccounts.
This includes us providing you with incorrect login information, an un-verified account or the phone number associated with the account has been re-used.
You are NOT liable to be covered by our 30-Day Warranty if:
- The damage of the accounts is at fault of yourself*
This includes you logging in and out to the account too many times, you change the login information or the phone number associated with the account, you log in to the account on different IP addresses multiple times, or you perform bot or bot-like activities on the account.
- The damage of the accounts is at fault of Nike
This includes Nike sending out ban waves to suspected bots or Nike banning the account due to bot or bot-like acitivies.
*Yourself - references to the customer of VultureAccounts, anyone in relation to the customer, and also anyone else other than Ourselves or Nike.